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 We at Tri-State assure to deliver the best level of service you deserve!
Our Mission

Tri-State Parking is dedicated to providing the best parking service in the area. Our well mannered, uniformed attendants will add an extra touch of class and elegance to your establishment. Upon arrival, your customers will experience a welcoming first impression, which our parking attendants will provide with professionalism and courtesy.




Tri-state will furnish all necessary equipment consisting of deirectional signs, tickets, cones, keyboards, two way radios and any other equipment necessary to expedite the services in a courteous and contolled manner.


Our Valet

Our staff is thoroughly trained to be well organized and efficient in providing a safe plus reliable service to your customers. Our parking attendants are tactful in maximizing space in your lot to accommodate as many vehicles as possible while keeping your lot safe and secure. 


  Our Insurance

     Tri-State Parking is fully licensed and          insured:

  • Garage keeper legal liability,Fire,Theft and Collision.

  • Garage keepers personal liability.

  • Workers compensation and disability for our employees.

  • Your establishment along with any other facility that needs to be insured with our policy will be added.

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