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Tri-State Parking Inc. has stringent hiring standards. We are looking for individuals to join our staff who are Reliable,

Courteous, Energetic people to be part of our growing team. If you meet these characteristics please fill out the

contact information below.


All Tri-State Parking Inc. employees must:


  • Be 18 years or older of age

  • Flexible schedule

  • Have a clean driver’s license

  • Must have experience standard and automatic driving


We perform a license background check with the New York State Registry of Motor vehicles.

The driving record is checked for any violations that might inhibit the safe operation of another person's automobile.

We also double check applicant's references and their employment history.


Once we receive your information and your drivers license record is verified, we will contact you and schedule an

interview with a company representative. This is when Tri-State Parking Inc. determines whether the applicant is personable,

trustworthy and dedicated to our company's principles.


Email us your resume to:

Your details were sent successfully!

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